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What is a private APN network

A private APN (Access Point Name) routes mobile data traffic from mobile devices directly into organisations’ corporate data networks. As a result, the M2M devices using a private APN don’t share the public data pathways.

A choice of shared or dedicated Private APN

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Every M2M device that needs a data connection must be configured to the APN of its SIM card carrier. It provides an extra layer of security for your M2M device, which means devices are more secure and may not need to use VPN client software.

Most noteworthy, this reduces the load on company firewalls, Internet connectivity and other border systems.

In addition, information from mobile devices to back-end systems is more stable, improving the end user experience. Particularly when using real-time applications.

Custom Private APN Best Solution for Enterprises

The best solution for enterprises that require a single, secure link using the internet is to have a custom Private APN built.

A custom private APN enables you to limit access to devices to a very narrow network. The number of SIM cards on APN could be as few as one or as many as 1 million.

Enterprises benefit from higher services levels with high bandwidth availability, as they no longer share with consumer bandwidth.

Benefits of using Static IP address with custom Private APN

M2M devices using a custom private APN will still get a dynamic public IP address that will often change. As a result, the device initial connection to the remote server can’t use this IP.

The solution is to set up a static fixed private or public IP address on the custom private APN. As a result, it’s recommended to have a custom private APN for security-critical applications.

Specific IP addresses can be assigned to M2M SIM cards, so devices can be uniquely identified. Very useful to account for certain assets, machines, applications, or people.

M2M Private APN pricing

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