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Transparent End-To-End Connectivity

Global cellular IoT deployments can be complex and costly. At M2M Data Connect we make cellular IoT simple with our one multi network global roaming agreement,  one price with no hidden fees and  no extra roaming charges.

How it works?

M2M Data Connect offers fast, reliable, and secure fixed IP SIM Cards with global connectivity. Giving access to over 700+ roaming agreements in over 180 countries. Enabling deployment of International Roaming Fixed IP Data SIMS for thousands of application.

Add Unlimited SIMs

You can add an unlimited number of SIM cards and manage your devices with a single simple and user-friendly web IoT platform

Private APN

Private APN is a virtual private network domain for your M2M SIMs that can allow intra-group (SIM-to-SIM) connectivity and may be added with specific traffic management rules

Fixed Public IP

Simply insert the Fixed Public IP SIM into your device, enter the secure APN with inbound port filtering. This gives a fixed public IP to enable remote access of devices


Our IPSec VPN tunnel is a static, highly encrypted and “always-on” connection between virtual private network domain of SIMs. Adding an extra level of security, isolating your data from the Public Internet

Fixed Private IP

Fixed Private IP SIM provides the most secure method. After entering the secure APN, a VPN from your network to the M2M Core Network is established to access your routers and devices

Global Roaming SIMs

Free open roaming network between every network in the UK and Globally. No logic on the SIM or preference to a provider, unless upon request

FREE SIM Development Kit

Receive full open roaming connectivity to your own hardware

  • Two M2M SIMs with Global coverage
  • Full access to our M2M SIM Management Platform
  • Free support for period of trial
Global M2M SIM Card Free Development Kit

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