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Ideal for any type of IoT application

What is the best solution for you?

We provide bespoke data SIM solutions for any IoT application. Supplying the best global connectivity solutions for your IoT project. Giving you peace of mind that your applications stay connected.


New road technologies allowing vehicles to communicate with surrounding infrastructure.


Creating safer, more efficient and cleaner cities by improving resource utilization and reducing traffic jam.


Connect energy assets to make smarter decisions on energy distribution while allowing your customers to do the same.


Improve operational efficiency with real-time visibility in manufacturing and deliver new service levels.


Improve fleet efficiency and accuracy management, asset tracking, and the overall driving experience.


Improve the customer service experience while gaining valuable insights into trends, conditions and supplies.


Create safer cities, homes and businesses. Remotely monitor facilities and the public spaces in real-time.


Improve health outcomes and reduce costs with real-time visibility into diagnostic data, health alerts, and more.

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Leverage sensors, smart gateways and monitoring systems to optimize agricultural decisions and increase production.

Global Connectivity

IoT Multi Operator SIM Card

The M2M Data Connect multi-operator SIM card connects to at least three networks. Additionally, each country enjoys extremely strong mobile data reliability. Most notable, your IoT objects or devices will no longer depend on a single mobile network. Therefore, it allows you to stay connected in multiple locations.


IoT Platform

Take control of the connectivity of your IoT objects with a single IoT SIM platform that provides real-time diagnostic and monitoring information. Custom alerts can be enabled to reduce inefficiencies and avoid bill shock.


Private IoT Network

We offer the best solution with our secure global mobile network, telecom grade firewalls, APNs, fixed IP and VPN connectivity. Businesses benefit from higher levels of services with high bandwidth availability because they are no longer sharing with consumers bandwidth.


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about M2M Data Connect SIM Cards.

An M2M SIM card is used to send and receive data; not for voice and texts (although M2M Data Connect can offer SMS packages to your M2M SIM card solution on request).

M2M stands for Machine to Machine. M2M is driven by IoT (Internet of Things) and is the process by which two things (connected devices) transfer data between them. This allows us to automate almost all processes and eliminate the need for human interaction.
A subscriber identity module (SIM) on a removable SIM card securely stores the service subscriber key (IMSI) used to identify a subscriber to a mobile phone or mobile broadband.

The M2M Multi Operator SIM card connects to a minimum of three networks in each country ensuring fail-safe reliability.
As a result, there are additional costs, but we have kept this to a minimum.

APN stands for Access Point Name. This is a setting on mobile phones that the telephone operator uses to establish a connection (GPRS/3G/4G/5G) to the gateway between the operator’s network and the Internet.

Yes, we can offer you the pooling of data. Please contact your account manager for further details.
It depends on the network you’re connected to, but the vast majority of our billing increments are 1KB.
Our standard service level agreement is available through your contact at M2M Data Connect.

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