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IoT Platform

M2M IoT Connect for unified connectivity and device management

IoT Platform

M2M IoT Connect the IoT Platform for unified connectivity and device management. Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) to unlock unprecedented insights and access advanced functionality.
Explore the most popular connectivity and device life cycle functionality in the IoT Platform, including usage analytics, multi-carrier analytics, notification centre, ad-hoc report builder, SIM and device management.  Along with forecast and optimisation, the premier function of the portal.

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Unlock unprecedented insights and advanced functionality for your business while keeping your existing telephony provider.

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Key IoT Platform Features

Unified Data Control

Unified Data Control from 150+ Carriers and connected device platforms. And over 350+APIs with existing customers to manage the entire device ecosystem.

Single Pane of Glass

View your SIMs and devices in a “single pane of glass” after easily inputting your IoT platforms and carriers. Makes things easier at a lower cost.

Lifecycle Device Management

Delivers a consistent process and user experience to manage device lifecycle - individually or in bulk. Set up automations to occur in near real-time.

Parent/Child Relationships

Unlimited Parent/Child Relationships for internal and external customers.  This can also be used within a customer for business lines, geography, department.

Business Process Automation

M2M IoT Connect handles your back-office data management as well rule-based automation of business process (suspend SIM when subscription term expires).

Notifications/Anomaly Detection

Platform performs cloud-based near real-time device and usage anomaly detection daily or immediately via text or email, depending on the rules you establish.

Rating and Mediation

Customer billing plans can be decoupled from carrier invoices & rate plans - enabling revenue maximization. R&M creates the data to support integration with customer ERP or billing engine.

Rate Plan Optimization

Manage costs by revealing data, SMS, and roaming charges. View monthly costs in total and trended over time. Rate Plan Optimization reduces cost with usage-based rate plan optimization.


Utilizes the power of the Azure tools to transform data into insights; visualize historic data; and define patterns and trends with predictive capabilities.

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