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Private APN

Delivering secure Mobile IPSec Tunnels

Private APN

A private APN (Access Point Name) routes encrypted mobile data, between pre-configured IoT devices that contain an M2M SIM card.
After that, the SIMs connect via a resilient interconnect. Forwarding encrypted mobile data directly into the corporate network through secure IPSec tunnels.

What Types of Private APN are available?

We offer two types of Private APN. The first type, is a Share Private APN. This enables a secure IPSec tunnel that’s a non-customisable Private APN.
And the second type is a Dedicated Private APN. Which is a custom-built Private APN, built around your unique specifications.
In addition, our Private APN solution offers a truly secure mobile connectivity. As a result, customer organisation’s data traffic remains within a closed private network.

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Complete M2M SIM APN Solutions

M2M Data Connect is your one-stop partner to design, build and manage your secure network. According to your business needs with or without a private APN.

Secure APN

Private APN is a virtual private network domain for your M2M SIM cards that can allow intra-group (SIM to SIM) connectivity. And can be added with specific traffic management rules.

All SIM Types Supported

All SIM form factors are available: Standard SIM (2FF), Micro SIM (3FF), Nano SIM (4FF), industrial SIM card and integrated SIM chip QFN8/MFF2 to SoftSIM.

IoT Platform

Our IoT platform provides you with the comprehensive tools and resources needed. Including connectivity, operations, analytics, data management and security.

Fixed Public IP

Fixed IP SIM card with public IP address is the most convenient way to ensure reliable connectivity. Always know the IP address of your 4G router using our IoT Platform.

Fixed Private IP

Extend your corporate network to include data SIM cards with a private fixed IP address. Access to the SIMs is via a secure IPsec VPN tunnel.


IPsec VPN tunnel allowing the host or the remote site to initiate the connection. Using Corporate Firewall and Internet Gateway as the most secure solution.

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How a Private APN Works

Our Private APN offers more security than Public APN, which uses the Internet. In addition, a custom-built Private APN is built around your unique specifications. Connecting your mobile devices in a simple and secure method.
Private APN
The most noteworthy feature of having your own Private APN is that it reduces the load of your company firewalls. In addition, your internet connectivity and other border systems.
As a result,  information from mobile devices to back-end systems is more stable, improving the end-user experience. This is very important when using real-time IoT applications. Therefore, it gives enhanced performance and scalability.
Only M2M SIM subscriptions that are authorised by the customer may be provisioned onto a private APN. After that, no other users will have access to this network.
Each M2M device that requires a data connection must first be configured with the supplied APN supplied. In conclusion, this will establish a secure line on devices and keep your data protected all the time.

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Private APN Applications

Many real-time IoT applications require enhanced performance and scalability of a Private APN. Allowing for convenient and secure access to all the customer organisation’s applications.
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IP CCTV cameras

Create safer cities, homes and businesses. Remotely monitor facilities and public spaces in real time with fixed IP SIMs.

Digital Signage

M2M Fixed IP SIM enables communication to the router or media player to manage digital signage content remotely.

Vending machines

Vending owners can remotely manage price adjustments, track stock and enable secure payments with a fixed IP SIM card.

Wind turbines

Two-way communication for response to security risks is vital to control shutdowns. Fixed IP SIMs offer resilience connectivity.

Renewable Energy

Secure remote connectivity to monitor and control the assets with fixed IP SIMs that operate in harsh, remote environments.

Smart meters

Connect energy assets to make energy distribution decisions smarter while empowering customers to do the same.

Transport & Logistics

Fleet management systems, asset tracking, connected road signs, traffic lights & speed cameras need fixed IP SIMs.

Health & Telehealth

Improve health outcomes and reduce costs with real-time visibility into diagnostic data, health alerts, and more

Mobile workforces

Secure 4G Fixed IP SIMs provide superfast, data only Internet connectivity using 4G mobile technology for mobile workforces.

M2M Data Connects SIMs Private APN solution offers truly secure mobile connectivity. This is comparable to the level of protection applied in private networks. Therefore, allowing sending customer organisation’s data to be send in a closed and private network.

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What is a private APN network

A private APN (Access Point Name) routes mobile data traffic from mobile devices directly into organisations’ corporate data networks. As a result, the M2M devices

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