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What's M2M Data Connnect?

A secure M2M SIM Card designed to improve connectivity and reliability with worldwide, IoT connectivity with a single platform for easy activation.  M2M Data Connect SIM card is is available in all sizes: mini, micro, nano and SIM-On-Chip. With coverage in more than 180+ countries and over 600+ roaming operators.

Roaming SIM Card
Global M2M SIM

Data Plans and Pricing

Low Cost SIMs, M2M Data and SMS Rates

We keep our data plan pricing simple. All our SIM cards are priced at just £3.47. And one flat data rate across the UK, Europe, USA and Global. 

It’s a pre-paid offering with all the necessary features such as data allowance, APN and SMS.

IoT Applications

Use Cases

Discover how M2M Data Connect fits to your IoT applications.
Transportation IoT

IoT connectivity platform

Control your SIMs anywhere in the World

Take control your IoT Devices connectivity with a single SIM Management IoT Platform. Enabling secure, real-time monitoring and diagnostic information of your SIM estate, anywhere in the World.
IoT Platform

Global Connectivity

600+ Networks, 180+ Countries

Instantly connect your M2M devices to 600+ mobile networks in over 180+ countries with a single service provider. Supporting: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and now 5G.

UK & EU IoT Development Kit

Receive full open roaming connectivity to your own hardware

IoT Development Kit

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