Fixed IP SIM Cards

Supplied with choice of public IP or private IP address assignments

Fixed IP SIM Cards

Allow 2 Way Access Remote Connectivity

Our Fixed IP SIM cards have two main functions. One is to allow incoming traffic to be routed through the M2M SIM to any device connected to a 3Gr 4G LTE or 5G router. And secondly to provide proof of identity so that applications and resources can be accessed, even when protected behind a corporate firewall, providing a secure yet flexible management service.
Global M2M SIM

How it works?

M2M Data Connect offers fast, reliable, and secure fixed IP SIM Cards with global connectivity. Giving access to over 700+ roaming agreements in over 180 countries. Enabling deployment of International Roaming Fixed IP Data SIMS for thousands of application.

FREE SIM Development Kit

Receive full open roaming connectivity to your own hardware

Global M2M SIM Card Free Development Kit

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