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M2M Partner Program

Experience collaborative growth with a strong partner

Why the M2M Partner Program?

Having strong and healthy partnerships in the IoT ecosystem is crucial for success. As a reliable Unified Connectivity Management Services (UCMS) partner, M2M works closely with leading IoT companies to streamline the management of your IoT projects. This enables you to efficiently monitor and control your data and operations from one convenient platform. Together with our IoT partners, M2M is dedicated to helping our customers thrive and succeed.

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Your Benefits as our Partner

Unlock partner pricing

Special discount plans for Global eSIM Connectivity will help to empower you to access the market quickly and in a tailored manner.

Access to portfolio

Access to a portfolio of the world’s best M2M/IoT connectivity, eUICC enabled SIMs/eSIMs, IoT/M2M cards, Fixed IP SIMs, Private APNs, EdgeRouters and BYOC eSIM Connectivity Management Platform

Access to partner portal

Get ready to access the M2M Data Connect Partner Portal! It's your ultimate destination for all the tools and resources you need as our valued partners.

Partner Training

Get ready to boost your knowledge and skills with the top-notch educational materials and live or virtual training sessions (focused on sales and technical aspects) offered by M2M Data Connect.

Co-Branded Marketing

Enjoy the advantages of marketing, such as co-branding materials, campaigns, newsletters, and getting promoted through social media.

Partner Logo Recognition

Utilize the M2M Data Connect Partner Program logos to tap into the influence of brand recognition.

Global eSIM Coverage

Expand your reach worldwide with the Global eSIM/SIM and gain a competitive edge with the local solution tailored to each country. Reach new heights of success by tapping into both global coverage and local advantages.

Integration of your systems

Elevate your efficiency by enhancing the automation of tasks and operations through seamless integration of your systems with the API's offered by the M2M IoT Connect Platform. Let's take your processes to the next level!

Expert Technical Support

Access expert technical support and resources for seamlessly integrating your product with our system. Our team of technical experts is here to help you every step of the way.

Do you want to be part of the IoT partners program?

Choose from two different levels of partnership!

Unlock the potential for growth and success with our partner program.  Select the option that best aligns with your goals and ambitions. 

Value Added Reseller

Join a team of experienced professionals in the IoT Sector experts in system integration for IoT and Edge Routers. With our exceptional skills, we can help you sell and support M2M/IoT projects and systems from the M2M Data Connect Group portfolio. This includes eUICC-enabled SIMs/eSIMs, Global IoT/M2M Connectivity, Fixed IP SIMs, Private APNs, EdgeRouters, Unified monitoring and management, and remote SIM provisioning capabilities - all in one convenient solution. As a VAP, you'll enjoy access to sales, marketing, training, and technical support. Let's work together and elevate your business to new heights!

Certified Value Added Partner

Our team of experienced professionals have a solid track record of delivering exceptional results and deploying successful IoT Projects using M2M Data Connect Groups brands and solutions. You excel at providing your customers with solutions to address their challenges and streamline their processes. Your expertise lies in connecting your customers with the right solutions and delivering added value. As a certified VAP, you'll receive top-notch benefits and enhanced support to further your success. Keep up the great work.

Explore the journey of the M2M partner program.

Becoming our IoT partner is a simple process. The following steps outline how to join the program. Let’s embark on this journey together and see how it all begins!


Convenient access to the M2M Partner program registration form.


Value Added Reseller and contractual framework (Framework Agreement + Certified Value Added Partner Agreement).

Welcome IoT Partner to M2M

Discounted rates and customized self-service tools for partners. Tailored assistance from a dedicated Sales Manager.

Do you have questions about which partnership is best for you?

What does the IoT Partner Program Offer?

Enhance your reach and expand your business with increased collaboration and growth opportunities.

UCMS Program

Manage and optimise all forms of M2M & IoT Connectivity. Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) eSIM/ SIM/ Edge Router Connectivity Management Platform with full visibility via APIs to achieve operational efficiency through optimisation, drive innovation, and expand effectively to meet the needs of the interconnected world.


Choice of post-paid, pre-paid or PAYG eSIM/SIM IoT data plans/pools for your deployments. Utilize advanced security measures, rapid activation of SIM cards, and support from M2M's internal Network Operations Center (NOC). Benefit from fixed IP, Secure Private APNs, and a unified data platform for all IoT SIMs. Alternatively, you can also Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) for eSIM/ SIMs and manage through yourself through the IoT Connect UCMS platform.


Purchase connectivity from M2M with coverage of more than 180+ countries and over 600+ roaming operators, available on prepaid, post-paid or PAYG plans. Or bring your own connectivity and use our Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) service to manage yourself.


Manage multiple mobile network suppliers through our IoT Connect Platform with Analytics & Reporting, Multi Network Visibility, Historical Data & Trends, Device Provisioning Actions and Daily Automated Data Import plus more. UCMS Partners have access to all mentioned features including the premium Rate Plan optimisation feature designed to pool data across rate plans and optimise to the maximum. Giving the biggest network savings possible.


Gain access to M2M's edge router and hardware partnerships to deliver and deploy long-term IT Solutions on a global scale. With discounted pricing models available for bespoke projects and M2M's connectivity, you can be assured of delivering to your clients.
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