Data SIM Card designed for IoT connectivity


Designed for IoT Connectivity

M2M Data Connect supply IoT SIMs that are designed for IoT Connectivity. With our ruggedized data only SIM you can integrate then into devices that need to endure extreme environments – something standard phone SIMs simply can’t tolerate.

Global M2M SIM

How it works?

The M2M Data Connect IoT SIMs come with no additional software to get in the way and to delay connections. Plus we allow free roaming between all the networks available in a particular country, with dynamic IP address, fixed IP or IP SEC VPN.

Global Coverage

Gives access to best in class global network coverage. With over 700 roaming agreements in over 180 countries.

All Form Factors

All SIM form factors are available: Standard SIM (2FF), Micro SIM (3FF), Nano SIM (4FF), Industrial SIM Card, and Embedded SIM QFN8/MFF2 Chip to SoftSIM.

Roaming IoT SIMs

Free open roaming network between every network in the UK and Globally. No logic on the SIM or preference to a provider, unless upon request

Fast Deployment

Simplify your IoT connected product deployment to the field with our IoT Platform, which is clear and easy to use.

Dysnamic Coverage Control

Create custom automations to provision or suspend devices, edit tariffs, set watchdogs, alerts, individual or bulk operations.

IoT Security

Manage your own IoT security from one single provider regardless of the numbers and locations of your devices, which are already distributed worldwide

FREE SIM Development Kit

Receive full open roaming connectivity to your own hardware

  • Two M2M SIMs with Global coverage
  • Full access to our M2M SIM Management Platform
  • Free support for period of trial
Global M2M SIM Card Free Development Kit

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