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IoT based solar energy monitoring system – IoT solutions for solar energy

IoT based solar energy monitoring system

Looking for IoT solutions for solar energy for your building’s energy needs?

You’re in good company, it’s estimated that over 70,000 solar panels will be installed every hour over the next five years worldwide. Among the many decisions, you’ll be making about your solar power system is how to approach monitoring. Therefore, monitoring is a critical component of any system. And contributes to its overall cost and effectiveness.

In this M2M Blog, we will discuss IoT based solar energy monitoring systems and how they work. What data you’ll get from using them, and how to monitor cost-effectively and reliably.

Solar Energy Monitoring Systems Using The IoT

Every solar power installation comes with a monitoring device.  Above all,  because it’s important to stay informed about what the system is producing and how well it’s performing. It is very important to know when something goes wrong so you can address the issue in a timely way.  As a result, this enables you to derive the maximum benefit from your investment.

IoT devices work for solar energy

IoT based solar energy monitoring system The success of your monitoring system depends on the reliability of your communication network. If for some reason the network fails, your devices won’t be able to transmit data.  This could cause you to miss important data indicating performance issues, or misinterpret other available data. As a result, M2M Roaming SIM Cards are the best solution.  

M2M Roaming SIM Card solutions for wireless IoT configurations, help to reduce costs.  They allow for a higher level of data collection, monitoring capabilities, and subsequent learning/AI applications.

You will find that solar power systems for commercial use often come with a subscription component for a monitoring service. And/or cellular connection as part of the package.

What’s being monitored IoT based solar energy monitoring systems

Monitoring systems provide a wealth of information about the performance of a solar system. As a result, sensors can help monitor external conditions such as:

  • Wind speed
  • Radiance of the sun
  • Temperature
  • Cell temperature

They also measure elements surrounding system performance, such as:

  • String voltage
  • Inverter performance
  • Actual vs. modelled energy production
  • System output (the AC electric energy)
  • Battery voltage levels to determine battery health

Getting your IoT solutions connected for solar energy

Our team of experts can help with the best M2M Data SIMs for your solar energy IoT Solution. Contact us today.

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