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Category: Retail POS Systems IoT Solutions

Retails POS Systems IoT Connectivity Solutions

POS Systems IoT Connectivity Solutions

POS Systems IoT connectivity solutions enable stores to increase sales profits with the help of IoT. Good news for brick-and-mortar storefronts around the globe that have to compete with online shopping. A simple but effective way to increase sales is by bringing the POS systems to the customer on the sales floor. Retail stores are equipping sales staff with mobile POS systems. Customers can now make purchases without having to go to the register. IoT Connectivity Solutions for Retail The IoT solutions allow retailers to track pricing and inventory, including discounts and sales, and log items as sold. These new strategies are driving both POS and IoT Connectivity Solutions. Wireless technology has been available for a long time. But traditional 2G and 3G solutions couldn’t provide the performance needed for many retail applications. Today, the wide availability of 4G LTE connectivity makes it possible to extend broadband capability practically anywhere. New cloud management services make it easy to monitor, manage, and secure even the largest retail deployments from a central location. As a result, retails are now capitalizing on IoT for secure, highly reliable cellular POS and retail applications. The role out of 5G will enhance IoT Connectivity Solutions with secure biometric-based POS. And many other new payments and associated services. Reliable POS Failover Internet connection continuity allows POS systems to be redundant with failover to cellular IoT connectivity. POS failover solutions using backup IoT connectivity keeps stores up and running all the time. Never again will retailers lose hundreds of thousands per day due to downtime of point of sale systems. Secure Fixed IP sim card IoT Connectivity Solutions The fixed IP sim card solution provides reliable backup connectivity at every Retail location, even in areas where wire-line backup connections would be impossible. Secure Fixed IP 4G Roaming Support For Mobile POS Terminals. Global fixed IP 4G Roaming for POS terminals is easily accessible with M2M Data Connect. Secure Fixed IP sim card IoT Connectivity Solutions provide reliable backup connectivity at every retail location. Even in areas where wireless backup connections are impossible. M2M Data Connect supports 4G roaming in more than 180+ countries worldwide. Retailers are using IoT connectivity solutions for POS terminals in the UK, Europe, Africa, the Asia Pacific and North America. We deliver business-critical cellular solutions, providing Fixed IP sim card connectivity to connected gateways and modules operating in retail deployments worldwide. How to get connected with M2M Data Connect For more information or help just complete the enquiry form and we will be in touch.

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