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Internet of Things Parking Meters Powered by Innovation

The Internet of Things provides a viable, cost-effective and lasting solution to help cities manage jam-packed streets, caused by drivers searching for those increasingly rare parking spaces. City planners are now look at IoT technology to build smart city parking solutions for their commuters and tourists. Major cities around the world are already installing Internet of Things parking meters on its busiest streets and parking garages. Internet of Things Parking Meters Always Connected Internet of Things parking meters are monitored 24/7/365, unliked the traditional coin unmonitored as with manual meters. As a result this prevents drivers from feeding the meter for an extended period of time which results in less available parking spaces. IoT Makes Parking Spaces Visible To help releave traffic congestion caused by drivers searching for parking spaces, driving city planners can install smart parking solutions which are centered around parking space visibility. Drivers can quickly see this information on their mobile APP, in real time, so they can plan their parking maneuver well in advance. When IoT Parking Meters are contected onto an IoT platform, you can collect data and feed real-time information to a mobile app that lets drivers and their passengers know which spaces are available at any given moment. In addition, there are Apps available that intergrate with exiting navigation apps to automatically route the driver to the next available space. Using the M2M DataConnect IoT Platform tools and connectivity solutions help bring cities into the modern age and make parking a fun, rather than a stressful for drivers. Contact our IoT Experts today to learn more about can help get your Internet of Things Parking Meters connected. Get in touch with us today or or complete the below form for a quote.

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