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eSIM Connectivity

eSIMs the Missing Link in the Internet of Things

eSIMs are already rapidly gaining traction within the Internet of Things industry.  For instance, they are creating new opportunities for mobile network operators and manufacturers of connected IoT devices for consumers. We have seen machine to machine communications develop and enhance numerous IoT device to be connected. However, with the growing demand for smart connectivity for energy meters to connected cars, we have seen limitations to the standard SIM card. The environments that SIM cards have to endure, such as extreme temperatures or shocks, along with its size has resulted in limitations to applications. eSIM is the key to the future growth of the M2M market The embedded eSIM is the missing link to the Internet of Things. It solves all these problems and creates new opportunities for manufacturers and mobile network operators (MNOs). We will now discuss the features and benefits of the eSIM and how it is the next set up in the evolution of the M2M market. Designed to be rugged and robust The eSIM has been designed to be rugged, it is soldered in place inside a device and then sealed. As a result, this makes it water and temperature-resistant. This makes it more robust and ideal for use in connected cars, which may well be driven in extreme heat and on bumpy roads. They can be connected remotely Remote SIM Provisioning specifications have been built into each eSIM. This enables multiple mobile operators’ profiles to be generated and securely downloaded and provisioned over the air onto an eSIM. Small but powerful The space saved by embedding a SIM can be as much as 90% on a physical card. As a result, the reach of the eSIM extends to new consumer devices like smartwatches, wristbands and rings, increasing the number of mobile connections, and dramatically increases the size of the potential market for MNOs. Always stay connected with eSIM Roaming eSIMs are interoperable which means users can easily switch between any available network. You can host multiple SIM profiles, with software updating all the devices for you as you switch carriers. In addition, the main strength of an eSIM sim is the ability to streamline and amplify. As a result, your devices will always stay connected to the strongest mobile signal, saving you money, time and stress. They are secure An eSIM uses the latest secure encryption and transportation of operator credentials. They come with full compliance with the stringent security requirements of the GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme for eSIM remote provisioning. Streamline logistics for MNOs MNOs can now develop truly digital experiences for their subscribers while reducing the burden on their supply chain and gaining customer loyalty. eSIM will power the future The eSIM is soon to play an integral role with the rollout of 5G connectivity. When 5G becomes standard, devices containing eSIMs will possess processing power that is incredibly robust and will rely on them to manage their connection.​ The future will be powered by connectivity, especially in the upcoming rise of the 5G network. M2M Data Connect helps to power the future Using the M2M DataConnect IoT Platform tools and connectivity solutions helps to power the future of 5G connectivity with eSIMs.  Therefore, feel free to contact our IoT experts to learn more how we can help with your eSIM project requirements. Get in touch with us today or or complete the below form for a quote.

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