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IoT Platform

Take Control of your IoT connectivity

IoT platform

Control your SIMs anywhere in the World

Take control your IoT Devices connectivity with a single SIM Management IoT Platform. Enabling secure, real-time monitoring and diagnostic information of your SIM estate, anywhere in the World.
IoT Platform

How it works?

The M2M Data Connect IoT Platform gives you full control over your IoT management.  You’ll have access to all the comprehensive tools and resources you need for cost-effective IoT deployment.

Add Unlimited SIMs

You can add an unlimited number of SIM cards and manage your devices with a single simple and user-friendly web IoT platform.

SIM Location

Get valuable information, such as the location of the last connected mobile tower, and SIM card detail pages.

Carrier Connectivity

Management of devices and multi-carrier networks with remove provision of operator profiles with eUICC capabilities.

Full Control

Activate, lock, unlock, set the expiration date and change plans whenever you want. You have absolute flexibility and control over every SIM card and data plan.

Set up Automations

Create custom automations to provision or suspend devices, edit tariffs, set watchdogs, alerts, individual or bulk operations.


Quickly identify SIMs that are not performing well. Consulting data sessions. Along with network attachment & HLR statistics.

FREE SIM Development Kit

Receive full open roaming connectivity to your own hardware

Global M2M SIM Card Free Development Kit

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