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Cradlepoint Mobile Connectivity

Secure Mobile Connectivity Solutions for All Sectors

Streamline your IoT Connectivity by using our Unified Connectivity Management Platform (UCMS) with Cradlepoint.

At M2M Data Connect, we excel at delivering top-quality connectivity solutions to clients worldwide, spanning a wide range of industries. Whether in retail, construction, health, or manufacturing, we are the frontrunners in innovative mobile connectivity solutions that prioritize security. Join us and let’s propel your business forward with our cutting-edge services!
Utilizing our Cradlepoint certification, we harness our knowledge and skills to help clients conquer any challenges they encounter with IoT connectivity. The M2M team has achieved certification in two key areas: Cradlepoint Certified Sales Associate (CPCSA) and Cradlepoint Certified Network Associate (CPCNA). Let’s tackle connectivity issues together!
Cradlepoint caters to businesses with multiple locations, vehicles, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and off-site employees who demand dependable, protected, and responsive internet connections. In an era where traditional internet services can fall short, cloud-managed LTE and 5G routers and adapters empower a Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN), providing the flexibility to facilitate diverse interactions, innovative work methods, and enhanced organizational outcomes.

Discover how Cradlepoint WWAN is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and stay ahead of the game.



Enhance the overall customer experience and streamline operations by utilizing cellular-connected fixed and temporary stores, warehouses, delivery vehicles, kiosks, digital signage, and more. Let's take your business to the next level with these cutting-edge solutions!

Cradlepoint Restaurants


Link up all areas of your business, from the customer-facing areas to the administrative backend and beyond. With WWAN technology, you can embrace mobile POS systems, digital menu displays, order stations, sensors, delivery vehicles, and food trucks - the possibilities are endless!



Experience the power of dependable multi-carrier connectivity in vehicles, allowing organizations to confidently utilize IoT data in long-distance trucks, provide seamless POS and guest Wi-Fi in taxis, and optimize GPS and telematics in service vehicles and delivery trucks.

Public Transit

Cutting-edge technologies like GPS, vehicle telemetry data, on-board cameras, digital POS systems, and passenger Wi-Fi are revolutionizing the way public transportation operates. The introduction of LTE and 5G connectivity is taking this transformation to a whole new level.

Financial Service

Financial Services

Cellular WAN offers dependable, flexible, and secure connectivity for a wide range of devices found in banks and financial service offices. Whether it's digital signs, kiosks, surveillance cameras, computers, printers, or other equipment, you can rely on cellular WAN to keep everything connected.



Exciting advancements in education, like bringing Wi-Fi to school buses, implementing remote learning and teaching, and setting up Private Cellular Networks for campuses, are leading to a greater need for wireless broadband solutions in school districts.

Utilize a WWAN that offers unparalleled flexibility and coverage with Cradlepoint NetCloud.

Secure and reliable

Enjoy the reassurance of dependable, high-speed wireless connectivity with top-of-the-line network security and threat prevention. Numerous businesses rely on cloud-managed routers and adapters for WWAN on a daily basis.

Versatile and scalable

Cradlepoint provides a wide range of applications and solutions, allowing businesses to adapt to new methods of conducting business from anywhere and ensuring a strong network. Our scalable solutions are ideal for businesses undergoing rapid transformation.

Simple and sophisticated

Wireless broadband connectivity can be quickly and effortlessly set up, especially with Cradlepoint's easy-to-use plug-and-play solutions. With Cradlepoint NetCloud, monitoring and managing your network in real-time is easily accessible.

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