eUICC industry standard in IoT connectivity


Multi-network eSIM Roaming Connectivity

We supply GSMA-compliant eSIMs that are designed for M2M/IoT Connectivity. All SIM form factors are available with eUICC (eSIM) capability for ultimate network operator flexibility and deployments.

The solution is designed to be suitable for all types of applications, from low consumption IoT solutions through to high consumption mobile broadband solutions.

How it works?

eSIM is provisioned and managed our IoT Platform. This powerful interface enables you to activate SIMs, monitor usage, setup alerts, add bolt-ons and cease services. Usage data with eSIM is real-time and so there is very little risk of being hit with unexpected overages. eSIMs can be grouped by customer, associated with pools and / or Private APNs.

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IoT Development Kit

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