USA Data SIM with Free Roaming

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£ 3.00


USA Data SIM delivers North America connectivity to IoT and M2M devices.  M2M Data Connect is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that provide secure, reliable cellular connectivity. The M2M SIM card with cellular connectivity is designed for machine to machine data connectivity.

Data Plan Pricing

Your monthly pooled bundle plans Include:

Data includedMonthly Charge / SIMUnitOverage / MB
1 MB£0.60Per SIM£1.00
5 MB£0.80Per SIM£1.00
50 MB£2.25Per SIM£1.00
100 MB£3.95Per SIM£1.00
500 MB£6.95Per SIM£1.00
1 GB£9.95Per SIM£1.00
1 TB£8,738 or £8.50 Per GBPer SIM£1.00
5 TBPrice On ApplicationPer SIM£1.00
10 TBPrice On ApplicationPer SIM£1.00

M2M will assign each SIM to the correct bundle plan according to usage.

SMS Plan Pricing

SMS MO (Mobile Originated) £0.10
SMS MT (Mobile Terminated) £0.10

The M2M Data Connect SIM card is available in all sizes: mini, micro, Nano, and SIM-On-Chip. M2M Data Connect prepaid data plans come with free access to our IoT Platform that gives you total control over your SIM estate. The M2M Data Connect SIM card is ideal for M2M, IoT, Point of Sale, Vending Machine, Water Meters, Gas Meters, Energy Meters, Security cameras, CCTV, Gateway, Modem, Routers, Industrial IoT, Public Street Lights, Industrial Sensors, GPS Tracker etc.

    • SIM card for data traffic and SMS messages ideal for IOT and M2M without expiration (M2M voice on request)
    • Europe connectivity to the fastest 4G LTE network
    • APIs for custom integration and IoT platform for live SIM management, traffic and cost control with watchdog alerts
    • Fits any device: SIM card in mini (2FF), micro (3FF) and Nano (4FF) format
    • PrePaid Data Plan 3 or 6 months
    • Contract term 12 or 24 months
Contract Length



Global Coverage


SIM Type:

mini (2FF), micro (3FF), Nano (4FF)


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